Thursday, July 11, 2013

For the List Makers.

One word: Listomni.

When I began using my iPod Touch about five years ago I was new to the world of Apple and app-using smart devices and downloaded bunches of free apps, deleting many with disappointment. In using numerous to-do or list apps I found myself relying on Listomni most frequently. I seem to recall a free download then upgrading at a small cost but I could be mistaken. Nonetheless, it's a bargain at the current $2.99 through iTunes.

The current version I'm using on my iPhone 5 has fifteen different list types. Most used is certainly the Grocery List. I usually have a few of these in a folder; Right now I have three, Groceries, New House, and Amazon. Within each list you can categorize by store or section and can even assign priorities and prices. And that's just the beginning, it's incredible!

Today I spent a few hours measuring each area in our new rental house and recording it in a Notes List which allows space for longer text. It is also categorized with the ability for subcategories and tags. Now when I'm out and stumble upon something for the house I will have all applicable information with me.

Most exciting, however, is a new feature allowing you to add photos to a list which ends my long, previously fruitless search for a photo album app with the ability to add notes. This means I can finally have a folder of categorized lists for wines and drinks to include photos of the labels – a huge, huge piece of exciting news! This feature is included in a few list types but I am using it with a Simple Tagged List.

Listomni's biggest disappointment (and it's a big one) is it's Apple exclusivity – it's not available on Android devices. I miss my Android phone daily, but my Japanese mobile company doesn't allow returns so I am learning iPhone's strengths. Maybe if contact Ontomni daily with the suggestion they'll have a version complete when I return to the US and to Android.

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