Monday, August 19, 2013

Favorites: A Summary Explained.

Since moving and meeting new people I've been asked, after mentioning photography as an interest, what kind of photos I take.  I can't seem to answer with words (surprisingly) so instead I've compiled a stack of favorites on my photo blog.

Making a “Best of” list is a struggle, after a few obvious choices the decisions come slower and with less confidence.  As an artist some pieces are very personal and sharing them strips away a certain protective shield, leaving you feeling exposed and open.  So I've included ones I'm proud of, ones I've shared and printed and hung on my own walls; ones that received positive critiques from friends or peers in the field; and I included some that simply add a fuller spectrum to the collection.

At some point I will likely have to define myself as an artist and select words to represent my point of view.  For now, I prefer the photos do the talking.

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