Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Unpacking Progression, Day Six.

I should be unpacking my clothes right now so this will be a short update.

Biggest success in my area of unpacking is emptying all the kitchen boxes.  Pantry and cabinet organization is a work in progress. I'm adjusting as I work in kitchen, figuring out where items live as I use them.  Second is my desk set-up, consisting only of my desktop computer unpacked and running, which I didn't even do myself; My very competent in-house tech support takes care of that.  None of my office boxes are unpacked yet.

My current task is my clothing, which I have a lot of.  Almost embarrassing, really.  I use a hodge-podge system of stack-a-shelves to house my folded clothing for a few reasons.  First, dressers/bureaus are ridiculously expensive, especially for the shoddy quality you find in most stores.  Second, I like to see my clothes, kind of like how you stand at the refrigerator, stare at the contents, and wish the door was transparent.  I hate opening a multitude of drawers searching for something and find that out-of-sight-out-of-mind runs rampant through wardrobes.  Lastly, stack-a-shelves are inexpensive and very versatile.  They can be rearranged depending on room size and can be used throughout the house for any purpose.  Granted, the tetris-configurations are not always the most aesthetically pleasing, but very few people see the bedroom and those who do know me well-enough to appreciate the creativity, or to at least expect it.

I brought my entire wardrobe with me.  Everything.  Clothing and leather do not store well and would be ruined after three years boxed up in a warehouse in the middle of Texas.  And I love clothes, always have.  This passion for fashion should be motivating to get me going but the task is so daunting I need to split it into smaller tasks.

My first order of business is to set up my shelving system, which entails clearing out the bedroom of shoe boxes, clothing stacks, and miscellaneous items strewn about.  I diagrammed my previous setup but this bedroom is much smaller then our previous one.  I always say that creativity is spurred by limitations and this will certainly test that.

So before I get lost in planning the next steps I just need to put some music on and get to work.  Here is an idea of what I have to work with:

(These photos were taken with an iPhone and are by no means intended to be "real" photos, just snapshots of where I was and what I saw.)

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