Friday, April 20, 2012

Present, Past and Way Past.

To begin the collage sharing portion I will share my most recent since the oldest I have found isn't worthy of a first post.  I completed this one last week I believe, it is undated because I have not mounted it on a backing yet. 

Blue, brown and orange are colors I love playing with especially when metallics are mixed in.  The blue frame is a piece I've been looking at for a while and since I am experimenting with smaller sizes I have finally been able to use it.  Original is 5" x 7".

The following is older, early to mid 2000's.  The small postcard size (5.5" x 3.75") made this just a fun project, not serious.  The gas mask inspired it and since the piece was so small I didn't want it's prominence hidden on a larger surface.  The combination of poor glue choice and the fact that it's been kicking around in a shoebox for years has resulted in a wrinkled surface.

Lastly, one if the oldest I have found is from a series of bookmarks I made for my winter 1998 term in college.  It is only two simple pieces on construction paper, home-laminated with clear packing tape and because some personal qualities never change, it is precisely 9' x 3".  Fortunately I labeled the back with my name, term, and course, MGMT 300.  I have not run across any of the others.

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