Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flash Challenge Setup.

If you are reading this you are likely aware of my original blog, marlene b. photography where I simply share my current photographs.  Someday I will develop my .com in a gallery style for a comfortable viewing and searching experience.  But for now it is what it is and it suffices.  My "creative" blog is more relaxed, in part because I assume there is a tiny audience and with such little readership I have little to lose.  Sometimes I want to share a little more about my photographs without cluttering up the photo blog so this is a perfect medium. 

I belong (using the term loosely) to a local photographers group on Facebook consisting mostly of local portrait photographers who own their own business, which I do not.  As with other online photo groups, they are beginning a weekly photo challenge, beginning with "Flash photography.  Use your speed light on or off camera to capture a unique image."  Since I like experimenting with my speed light and currently have ample time on my hands I decided to participate.  

In my mind I have a stove top for thoughts and frequently use the term "back burner" to refer to ideas that I am subconsciously working on and don't want to forget.  The temperature on these "pots" can fluctuate and I'm always tinkering with the "recipes".  (I love analogies.) Yesterday I combined two pots into one recipe, the Flash challenge and some small glass bottles.

On the window ledge above the kitchen sink we have a few small, glass bottles that catch sunlight beautifully.  I have photographed them before though I have a different concept I want to try.  I decided to use those bottles as the subject for the Flash challenge without forgetting that I still want to play around with the new concept as well in the future, so it's still on the back burner.  This is the resulting flash image:

Now why didn't I share this on my photoblog?  Because I posted two other images from the same shoot, a couple fragrance bottles that I've been wanting to photograph as well.  Also because I wanted to share my setup shot, something I've been doing frequently since following a particular "Setup" thread in a photo forum.

This poor quality cell phone photo shows how I set up the shot.  Canon 450D with 50mm f/1.4 lens on a Manfrotto tripod (on loan from my incredibly generous brother) outfitted with a wireless remote trigger release and a wireless flash receiver.  On the cheap-o tripod is a Yongnuo 468 speed light with equally inexpensive softbox (secured to the flash with a stretchy, elastic thing because otherwise it slides off) and set atop the other part of the wireless flash receiver.  On the stool is a foam core, bi-fold presentation board to bounce and reflect the light from the flash.  The softbox on the flash is to soften and spread the light and to prevent glare on the glass.  I had to cover the window behind the camera because it's reflection was evident in the purple, round-bottom bottle.

EXIF for those interested:
ISO: 100

Exposure: 1/5 sec.
Aperture: 6.3
I forget what the flash was set at, 1/8 maybe.

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