Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I have a point here somewhere.

Creativity is seemingly never constant.
Is creativity like a muscle, weakening when not exercised?
Creativity.  You have it or you don't.

Whatever.  I can't seem find the best words to begin.  Probably because I'm not in the shower, which somehow transforms me into a philosophical and literary phenom.  I try to remember my brilliant phrasing and write it down as soon as I can reach pen and paper with a dry hand but usually only end up with a few words scrawled before every thought escapes me.  

A few nights ago I was trying to understand why I wasn't writing anymore.  Could I blame my anti-Facebook movement?  Did I feel I lost my audience?  Did I ever have an audience?  At some point (while loofah-ing?) I decided it was due to my perfectionist tendencies but all I was able to write down was, "convincing a perfectionist that it's all just a rough draft".

While writing I re-read, edit, re-word, re-edit then repeat repeatedly.  It is very time-consuming and I am rarely truly satisfied with the outcome.  I must remember that blogging is not akin to an article or study published in a professional journal.  It's the internet.  Just like the song that regularly plays at work (and has earned a spot on my Playlist in My Personal Hell, "Have you read my blog today, 300 million little USA's".  Now I can't think because it's re-playing in my head.


Soon after I began using my DSLR camera I discovered the trend of 365 and 52 projects, where you take one photo a day or per week.  The variation and personalizing of these projects is endless.  I have never participated because I had my own almost daily rhythm of photography that I was satisfied with.  Well, now I am not satisfied with my paltry rhythm and after finding this particular photo-a-day challenge while reading this blog I decided to try it.  I began today and will do my best to flex my creative muscle daily.

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