Thursday, May 3, 2012

I confess.

Two sources inspired this piece: The illustrations found at someecards (some of which are funnier than others) and a physical, paper note card I found some years ago.

I began with a self-portrait taken with direct, afternoon sunlight filtered through ecru mini blinds on my office window.  I envisioned a line drawing as the final image so I chose a dress with a non-time-specific print and a classic neckline and since my current favorite drink is a Gin-Gin Martini* the classic martini glass was appropriate.  Once I had a centered, focused and well-exposed photo it was time to figure out a processing technique.

My photo processing skills are adequate for minor adjustments and the occasional extra flair but when pushing towards the graphic design vein I am inexperienced.  I knew that between Corel's Paint Shop Pro X3 (my usual software) and Adobe's Photoshop CS2 (rarely used due to impatience with the learning curve) I could find an effect to generate the results I was hoping for. 

First I tried PSP, going through all the effects and making adjustments, but could not find or figure out how to change the photo into an outline image resembling a drawing.  I gave up set it aside for the evening and returned to it today with PS.  Being unfamiliar with the software it took quite a bit of time to navigate the menus and settings but eventually I stumbled on a list of possible effects and began clicking one by one hoping for success.  The closest I found was the "Stamp" effect and had to make numerous adjustments but am pleased overall with the image, though it is not exactly what I envisioned.  After that it was fairly simple to crop the photo and add text.

Adding the color was a separate challenge, however.  I couldn't figure out layers in either software, even using tutorials found online -- a bit sad, yes.  In PSP I ended up using the dropper tool and adding fill color over the white background, not an ideal method but it worked.  Then the image was complete.

Is it perfect?  No.  Does it grab your attention?  Yes.  Can you tell it's me?  Yes.
Therefore, I am satisfied with the result and proud that my inspiration persevered though my frustration. 
And I learned something.

* Gin-Gin Martini
1 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
1 oz. ginger vodka (I prefer home-infused)
shake vigorously over ice,
strain into stemmed glass,
garnish with cucumber slice on rim.

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  1. OK< two things: 1) Love the finished product! and 2) I'm keen to try that cocktail recipe!