Monday, December 17, 2012

16. something you made.


Exactly one thousand days after bringing home my beloved Summertime Fillmore sandals from John Fluevog they have found a sister.

On an warm, early spring day three years ago I spent the day in Seattle with my camera.  I came home with many, many photos, a bouquet of flowers from Pike St. Market and my Summertime Fillmores.  I paid full price (ouch) but have never regretted it because "cost-per-wear makes them practically free." (#6, in the middle, that's me.)  I chose the Antracite color, a grey-ish inky purple, and found they work with most of my wardrobe.  Throughout the years of regular wear and compliments from strangers I often thought about the other color they came in, pink rose (which is really tan) and commented frequently that if they were closed-toe I'd wear them year-round.

Apparently I have earned some good shoe Karma because after cruising resale sites for years without much hope of ever finding them at a reasonable cost in good condition, I recently found a pair through the FlueMarket and made contact with the seller.  She was fundraising for a puppy's medical care so it was a win-win all around. The shoes arrived the other day in beautiful condition and fit just like my originals.  Around this same time I also stumbled on a pair of Summertime Moonbeams that I didn't even know existed -- a closed-toe cousin of the Fillmore!  They were in my size, black, excellent condition and well-priced.  Fluevog shoes are designed in families and I'm bring them home to roost.

I finally had time today to photograph them today, though my flash batteries died before I grouped them for a family shot.  When it's charged again I'll get creative.

2012.12.16.  [Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM]

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