Tuesday, January 15, 2013

14. Something yellow

After receiving my late-in-the-season flu vaccine I began experiencing cold-like symptoms and, afraid of reducing the vaccine's effectiveness, I did not begin an Oscillicocum regimen.  Now I am in full-on head cold discomfort -- severe nasal congestion and horrid sinus pressure.

Last night it became evident that store brand DayQuil was not going to cut it and the only other medicine I had to supplement was store brand TheraFlu and store brand Sudafed.  Don't judge me, but I topped off that pill cocktail with a sleep aid for a fitful night of light sleep knowing that I would have to brave a shopping trip the next morning.

Doing something I never do, I left without makeup, my hair in it's natural, fuzzy state, braced myself for the 37 degree cold and icy wind and headed to Walmart.  First stop, pharmacy for pseudoephedrine, the only decongestant worth taking I believe.  I paid for it, immediately took one and quickly gathered the other items on my mental list such as Puffs Plus with Lotion (the four pack), nighttime cold medicine, nasal spray and zinc.  I do not handle colds well.  Finally at the front of the store, I spotted the rotisserie chickens and got the first one of the day fresh off the spit.  Time to go home and make soup.

I pulled an 8-cup container of homemade chicken stock from the freezer and began melting it in a medium sauce pan while starting water for noodles in a larger pot.  I used about 6 oz. of whole wheat, wide noodles.  While the noodles cooked I began pulling thigh meat off the chicken in small pieces, saving the white meat for something else and the bones for stock.  Before the noodles were fully cooked I scooped them into the heated stock, adding some pasta water to thin the richness a bit, then added the chicken pieces and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.

Voila!  Homemade cold relief.  Had I been feeling better I would have added celery, onions, carrots and some extra garlic, but I wanted simple.  Had I been bedridden and unable to get to the store I would have simply warmed up the stock and sipped it alone.  This is exactly why I always try to keep stock in the freezer.  With this new rotisserie chicken I will begin the process again.  When I am feeling better.

With a sneeze and a sniffle, I bid adieu.

[Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM]

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